When we bought our house, we were on a pretty tight budget. Because of this, we took any free thing someone was willing to give us. One of those free things was this table:

Table Before Collage

This thing came into the house in two pieces. That wasn’t on purpose, either. It fell apart in our garage while waiting to come inside. Tate’s dad ended up permanently screwing the two halves together. It’s a good thing that we didn’t have a leaf, because that process would have rendered it useless.

His dad then pushed me to let him refinish it over and over again, but as I didn’t really care about the way it looked, and I also just wanted some time alone with my husband, I wasn’t very excited to let him do it. So, it has now sat in our dining room like this for over a year. Until now.

Prepped for sand dust. Those masks lasted about a minute...
Prepped for sand dust. Those masks lasted about a minute…

My sweet mother-in-law and I decided to repaint it as a Christmas present for Tate. Well, she decided and I agreed. Since I have Tuesdays off, we then chose to do it yesterday while Tate was at work. She arrived at my house at around 9am and we were finished with our little project at about 4pm. You see, we both are talkers and we both have ADD, so it can be difficult for us to stay on the task at hand.

Anyway, so we started out by going up to the local paint shop and picking out the color I wanted to paint the table. I had a color here already, but it wasn’t oil based, so it was no good. That was okay though, because it gave us a chance to catch up and get all of our talking out of the way.

So, we got home and got started. First we sanded and painted the table, then I took all of the cushions off of the chairs to get them ready to be recovered. We then got to sanding and painting the chairs.

Left: Original chair/cushion | Right: old cushions and new material for covers
Left: Original chair/cushion | Right: old cushions and new material for covers
Chairs ready for painting!
Chairs ready for painting!

By the end of the day, she and I were in hysterics laughing about everything. It could have been exhaustion (we don’t do these things usually), or it could have been paint fumes. I think it was both.

Stay tuned for the final results! I will post pictures once the paint fully dries and I can get my dining room back in order.


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