Wow, I cannot believe it has taken me this long to post! The holidays were crazy! I am back, though, and I am going to proudly show off my work.

So, as I left off with my last post, this project took us all day to do, and the paint fumes made us high (I think). But, the table and chairs turned out great, in my humble opinion.

The day after we painted, it was my job to put the cushions back on the chairs. I could say that I knew exactly what I was doing immediately, making the job super easy and super quick, but that would be a lie. I don’t like lying, so here’s what actually happened.

I started by placing the cushion upside down on my lap, and then placing the chair on top of the cushion. This is how I took them off, obviously it’s how they will go back on. Easy.

Just kidding. I spent about five minutes screwing in the same screw (with a regular screwdriver, not the cordless drill I later discovered in my garage) and after some spitting and cussing, I realized that the screw was just pushing the cushion off of the chair. Damnit!

So I tried again. This time, I was like “I’m going to have to get dirty, I guess…” and placed the chair right side up with the cushion on it. Keep in mind, this was all being done on my back porch. Luckily, no one could see me.

Anyway, so I lay down on my back and slide up under the chair. Frank is now interested because I’m at his level and that certainly means it’s playtime, but I push him away. Kinda felt bad about that. But I had work to do! So here I am, laying flat on my back on my porch, under the chair trying to get the screws in. After about ten minutes of this, I’m sweating, sore and cussing even more. So I get up.

We have a ping pong table on our back porch (I don’t know why, so we’ll skip the explanation) and at the time it was covered in Christmas decorations. But, an actual good idea struck my brain and I said Eureka! Actually, it was probably more like “Oh my God, you’re such a dumbass for not thinking of this before.” but whatever.

I clean off a spot on the table, go into the garage, find the cordless drill, pray that it is charged and get to work. I place the cushion upside down on top of the table, place the chair on top of the cushion, hold the chair down and get to drilling. Voila! Problem.solved.

The rest of the process took roughly four minutes to finish the other three chairs, whereas the first took more like thirty. You live and you learn, though, right?

So, here it is, the final product:

Old, new and new
Old, new and new

After a day and a half of hard work, it is now done and I am actually quite proud every time I go into my dining room.

I mean, I probably won’t be doing any more projects for like, another year, but this one looks pretty sweet.


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