I am a firm believer of the Golden Rule; do unto others what you would have done to you (or something like that, I’m paraphrasing. You get the idea…) I generally try to treat others how I would like to be treated, especially when it comes to Tate. He and I have a lot of respect for each other, and we try to let each other know that as often as possible.

I can’t remember if I’ve already mentioned this, but when we bought the house we made the mutual decision that I would take care of the inside of the house (cleaning, laundry, etc.) and he would take care of the outside (mowing, planting, etc.). Now, this may seem like I’m getting the short end of the stick, seeing as how the inside is a daily job and the outside is more like a weekly job, but trust me, it suits me just fine. First, I hate the outdoors and everything that comes with it; the sun burns my pale skin, the bugs eat me alive, and I become the hulk when I’m hot and sweaty. I don’t mind cleaning and doing laundry, because I have a touch of OCD and I like the final result. Plus, Tate loves the outdoors and has no idea where anything goes in the house, so it just works. Oh, and I’ve made the house a weekly job, too.

Anyway, whenever I do get around to cleaning, I like it when Tate mentions it. Just a simple “the kitchen looks great, babe” or “thanks for getting that puke stain out of the carpet” (sometimes our parties get out of hand) makes me feel nice, and it encourages me to continue to do my work. Positive reinforcement and all that.

Well, I noticed today that I was not following the Golden Rule in this aspect. I thought about it and came to the realization that I don’t think I have ever thanked Tate for mowing the yard or taking the trash cans to the street, let alone bringing them back up. Never even a “the yard looks great” or “thanks for spraying the puke off the front porch” (really out of hand, y’all).

How can I expect for him to give me praise and not return the favor? It doesn’t seem fair, because it isn’t. So, tonight I thanked him for bringing the trash cans in. Honestly, it seemed like he didn’t even know what I was talking about, but whatever. Later, he said that he liked that I thanked him and that it made him feel appreciated.

Sometimes just a simple, easy gesture can mean more than you know. I’ve pledged to start thanking him more often. And to stop all these damn people from puking in my house.


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