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The other day I was informed by Tate that this Saturday our city’s new soccer team would play their very first home game. Tate is a huge soccer fan, and I know how excited he is about the fact that he finally has a local team to cheer for, but I am not so zealous. When he asked me if I wanted to go, I gave a very non-committal “ehh…” He responded with, “don’t you want to witness history?”

Let me just clarify something really quick. Sporting events involve some of my least favorite things: people, the sun and sports. We have a local NFL team and our stadium just recently installed the biggest scoreboards in the world or something, but I don’t care. I’ve never liked sports, except for when I played volleyball in high school, but I will watch soccer on t.v. with Tate and I can get into it somewhat. However, there is a difference between watching a game from the comfort of my own living room, and watching it sitting in the sun, squished into hard seats next to a bunch of loud, drunk fans.

Then, a couple of nights ago, Tate informed me that a friend of ours got free tickets for it. Tate was so excited about it that I just couldn’t say no, especially not when he and our friend are wanting a double date. I can’t send Tate as a third wheel, you know.

So, now I will be “witnessing history” tomorrow, while sitting in the sun, squished into hard seats next to a bunch of loud, drunk fans. The things we do for love, right?


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