Duchess The Hunter
Duchess The Hunter

Duchess, like most cats, likes to catch lizards. She also likes to catch snails, worms and snakes, but lizards are the ones that I save from her the most. I see myself as a kind of “Defender of Innocent Creatures”, or something like that. I try to protect all of them, but I can’t watch her all the time.

Most of the time the creatures don’t fight back. They usually play dead until she gets bored and moves on to hunt other things. Then, they try to run away and she catches them again. Their efforts are usually in vain, because unless I am there to grab her and put her inside, she will eventually kill them. That makes me sad.

Well, today I witnessed something that I hadn’t seen before; one of the lizards fought back! He got away from her, too, with a little assistance from me.

I saw her chasing him on our porch. She eventually ended up under a chair, but before that he must have done something to her that made her fling him away, she shook her paw like she would if she were to step in water and he flew about a foot away from her. I thought that he would run away, but of course he didn’t. He ran right at her and they ended up under the chair.

I bent down to see her better and there she was, looking around for him. Little did she know that he was hanging from her chin by his mouth. It was a cartoon moment, really. She was looking around from side to side, licking her chops. Every time she opened her mouth or turned her head, his little body flung from side to side or down to the ground. I was going to say that I thought this next part to myself, but that’s a lie. I totally said it out loud: “Ah-ha! Good job, lizard! Dutchie, you’re so clueless…”

She decided to lay down and that is when she realized where he was. She held him down with her paw and since I couldn’t quite reach her to pick her up, I moved the chair out of the way. This must have surprised her enough to make her let go, because when I saw her again he was gone. I then picked her up and, much to her chagrin, threw her inside and shut the door.

My hope now is that this lizard has gone on to teach the other lizards his ways. Maybe they will then work together to rise against Duchess and her torture, eventually teaching her to leave the poor things alone.


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