I have finally returned after a (not-so) brief and unplanned hiatus. I am really not sure what happened exactly that caused me to abandon this blog for so many months, but something did. I am kind of proud of myself for coming back, instead of the usual *delete, start anew* that I do.

A lot has happened in the months that I have been gone. We have seen good times and bad, but luckily more good. I have realized I’m old, but I’ve also discovered the goodness that is Chamomille tea (the scent of which reminds me of North Carolina for some reason) and honey. Mmm…

We went to a ball with Tate’s boss and his family. The Annual Oxygen Ball is an event for the wealthiest in our town to get together and spend a lot of money on dinner and a live auction, all to the benefit of The American Lung Association. Now, don’t assume that means that Tate and I are wealthy. No, he works for the local print shop that prints the flyers and signs for the company that throws the Ball. Therefore, the small, family owned and run company, gets a free table at the event. We have gone three years in a row now, and it’s actually a really good time. Dinner, drinks and dancing and it’s all for a good cause.

TPC Sawgrass Clubhouse
TPC Sawgrass Clubhouse

We then celebrated our two year wedding anniversary by spending the weekend at his aunt’s beautiful beach house in Fernandina Beach, FL. The most adultiest adult thing I’ve done since we got married was book that little mini-vacation. I don’t talk to his aunt very often, but I wanted it to be a surprise, so I sucked up any anxiety or fear I had and picked up the phone. One awkard game of phone tag later, I had the place booked! I even kept it a secret from Tate for like, a week. That’s pretty good for me, though, so I’ll take it.

Left: Front of the house. | Right: View from the balcony on the roof.
Left: Front of the house. | Right: View from the balcony on the roof.
Tate is not an alcoholic. I might be one, though.
Our cleverly hidden mixed drink. Tate is not an alcoholic. I might be one, though.

Then, our nephew turned 18 and graduated high school. Took me completely by surprise. After watching my brother’s oldest child as he grew, I wasn’t ready for him to be an adult yet. He is only 8 years younger than me and he and I lived in the same house for the first couple years of his life. We used to fight over toys, for goodness sake. How did this happen? (as you can tell, I still haven’t gotten over it.)

A week after he graduated, his little sister turned 14. Another complete shock. The two of them have thrown me into an exisistential crisis the likes of which I’ve never seen. It’s crazy. I’m borderline obsessive about it.

I didn’t know what to get a 14 year old for their birthday, so instead of buying her a gift, I offered to take her shopping. I was happier than I thought I would be when she enthusiastically said yes to my offer. When I was her age the last thing I wanted was to go anywhere with an aunt by myself. Of course, my aunts weren’t with me constantly as I grew up.

That was a costly shopping trip, totalling “half the mortgage payment” in Tate’s words, but it was so worth it. I now know more about my niece than probably anyone else in the family. She talked the entire time. This is crazy because whenever I see her it is usually through a crack in her bedroom door to say hey and bye. She spends a lot of her time in her bedroom, and spends no time talking to anyone of us. It’s funny, because she really is exactly like me when I was her age. I don’t know how that happened, but it did.

Our new neighbor then came over one Monday after work when I pulled into the garage to inform us that he had “lost” his “7 foot pet boa”. Said he went swimming with it the night before and forgot it in the pool. What? How do you forget that you went swimming with your pet boa constrictor? Also, isn’t chlorine kind of bad for snakes? Why do you own a snake? It took about a week of keeping our pets indoors until we decided it was gone for good. It’s probably around the neighborhood somewhere.

My birthday is coming up. July 13th. I’ve taken July 10th through the 14th off from work and we are planning to go back to his aunt’s house at the beach. This time would be different, though, because my sister and her husband would join us, because her birthday is on July 20th. We used to hate having to share birthday parties, but now it’s the only way we do it. It helps that our husbands get along so well.

Oh, and I finally made an appointment to see a dentist. I haven’t been since around 2013, because the idea just utterly terrifies me. I finally bought dental insurance a few months ago, but never looked for a dentist. When I told Tate I made the appointment his exact words were, “Oh, good job baby! Too bad you’ll never go back…” as he walked out the front door. He heard my vulgarity-filled retort, though, because I could hear him chuckling to himself as he walked.

So, I feel like maybe now I’m back up to speed to start writing again. Thanks to anyone who stuck around to read this! I’m going to try to be much, much better!

Side note: I just want to say congratulations to the LGBT community on today’s victory. This SCOTUS ruling is proof that love is so much stronger than hate.


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