Tate had a soccer game tonight. He plays for a local B league on Thursday nights. Sometimes I attend them and other times I can’t or don’t. Today was the latter. I fell asleep almost immediately when I got home, so instead of fighting with me to wake me up, he just went on alone.

His games usually take an hour and then there’s about a 30 minute drive home. His game tonight was at 8:30, so I assumed he would be home at around 10. I woke up a little after 10 from my 4+ hour nap and he wasn’t home. No worries, I thought, he’ll be home soon.

I didn’t pay much attention to the clock until I got back in the bed. When I realized it was about 10 til 11, I got a little concerned. I tend to jump straight to the worst conclusion. I figured he was either with his buddies that he plays with, or he was dead in an accident on the side of the road. Instead of calling him and risk him not answering which would throw me further into “oh, God. He’s dead.” mode, I decided to check his location on Find Friends.

A great app for stalking.
A great app for stalking.

He and I hardly ever use this function because we rarely feel the need to. We trust each other fully, so there’s no reason to stalk. We have it activated for moments like this; where one of us can’t get a hold of the other one.

I was pleasantly surprised when I located him. He was hanging out with my (our?) brother-in-law, who lives with his wife (my sister) at my mom’s house. It reminded me of how lucky I am that my husband gets along so well with my family; including my mom.

After about three years of dating, when we were 19, I decided that it was time to break up. When I told my brother this, he quickly replied “well, I’m still gonna hang out with him” and further let me know how big of a mistake I was making. We were only broken up for about three months, but I learned that day that my family likes him more than they like me. I also realized what a great man I had and what an idiot I was to think I could find anyone better.

Update: Tate just got home and informed me that he was actually hanging out with his buddies and had never gone to my mom’s house. Thanks, Find Friends.


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