When it comes to my taste in books, it’s either Harry Potter, LOTR-type fantastical or super girly, super cheesy “chick-lit” (as in chick literature…clever, right?). There really is no in between.

So, when I went to the library yesterday and found myself in the love story section, I had to stop for a look around. Then I came across an author I really like, Sophie Kinsella, and discovered one of her books that I’ve never read, I’ve Got Your Number, and I had to get it. It’s about as cheesy a love story as they come, so it’s perfect.

Sophie Kinsella

I started reading it after dinner last night. At one point, I was on my recliner while Tate was on the couch, and I started telling him about the book. Now, most men would focus solely on the sports on TV and give a few noncommittal “oh wow”‘s and “that’s cool”‘s. Not Tate. He pays attention.

So when I say “so she’s engaged to a guy, but you know that’s not going to work out, because she’s just met a new dude”, he says “well, of course.” And when I say, “oh, and another way you can tell is the fiancé’s name is ‘Magnus’ and the new dude’s name is ‘Sam’, a nice, normal name”, he says “ugh. Magnus. What a douche.” And, as it turns out, he was right. (I started the book last night and finished it in the wee hours of this morning. That’s just how I do.)

I’m starting the second book I got from her, Can You Keep A Secret?, but I’ve already read it once. I’ll still tell Tate all about it, and he’ll still act interested.

‘Cause that’s the thing: I know he couldn’t care less about my girly love stories, but he does a great job of pretending. And when it boils down to it, that’s how relationships work. You may not care about or be interested in the same things as your partner, but you’ve got to give them the feeling that you do. Sure, you can poke fun of them at times, but the moment you make them feel dumb about their interests, you’ve cut off a vital part of the relationship; communication.

Now we’re going to watch something that we both like; Peaky Blinders (with the super hot Cillian Murphy, who Tate agrees is totally gorgeous) on Netflix. Tate surprised by having the new season on when I came in the room. Yay!


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