“Wait, Why Didn’t They Invite Me?”

I recently found myself asking this question, and it didn’t take me long to find the answer.

I am a homebody. And an introvert (are they one in the same?), and socially awkward as hell. It’s a vicious cycle, too. The more time I spend alone (which is, like, my fav), the less practice I have dealing with people. But every time I’m around people I make a fool of myself, which makes me never want to show my face in public again.

Not only that, but I am terrible about remembering things. Me: “I’ll find out and text you back.” My brain: “Hahaha, she thinks she’s going to remember!” Then, a month goes by and I’m like “aw crap, I totally forgot.” Then I am so embarrassed and anxious about how the person hates me that I just don’t do it at all.

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Before Justin


Grief quote

Today is a sad day for me and Tate. It would be one of our best friend’s 26th birthday. This March will mark five years from when our friend was taken from us. These posts are about Justin.

I view my life in two sections now: before Justin and after Justin. Before Justin I was pretty much a normal person. I dealt with anxiety, depression and mood swings occasionally, but other than that I was happy. After Justin, however, everything changed.

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